Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orthotics - What Do I Want?

The term Foot Orthotic actually means any device that is used as a replacement Insole for the purposes of providing arch support and or cushioning to absorb shock. It does not have to be a firm arch support or a special custom made composite. And the support should not be only for the arch, just as cushioning should not only be for the heel.

Some of us want a foot care product that is designed to focus on arch support and offers little cushioning. Some of us want an Insole that focuses on cushioning and offers only moderate arch support. And some of us want an Insole that can do both, offer orthotic arch support and cushioning all in one.

It can depend on your activity and it most definitely depends on your foot type. Certain activities require certain foot wear. Foot wear that is tight fitting my require an Insole that is designed for tight fitting shoes. Athletes may want an Insole that concentrates on cushioning while people who stand or walk for long periods may want something that focuses on arch support.

Several brands of good quality Orthotic Insoles are available in the market place. When this selection of brands is scrutinized with certain criteria, most fall by the wayside. Factors such as the reputation of the manufacturer, length of time the manufacturer has been in business and more importantly, how long have they been manufacturing Orthotics. Additionally, the type and length of the guarantee offered should be considered and does the model have a track record of performance. In other words, is it doctor recommended, is it accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association?

The number of styles offered is important because everyone’s foot is different. Two people with the same size and shape foot that are experiencing identical foot problems may or may not find relief in the same Orthotic product. Finally, price should play a factor. While, we can argue that the $9.99 Insoles is more than likely not going to include all the benefits that a $50 style might, we can argue that a $30 Orthotic Insole can have the same or better benefits than a $50 product.
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