Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Products

At TheInsoleStore, we do not sell any ole product just because it has good name recognition or it is cheap or we can make a great profit from it. We prefer to thoroughly research prospective products for quality, durability, effectiveness in offering prevention and relief from foot disorders, and to be sure the foot care products are backed by a good company that stands behind the guarantee/warranty.
It makes good business sense to offer only high quality products that will make our customers happy. Afterall, a satisfied customer comes back to buy more and refers us to friends and family.

We have closely inspected several brands lately as we move to expand our products. Most brands we inspected are not very impressive despite the fact that almost all have good brand name recognition. The problem as we saw it, was that almost all Insoles and Orthotics are manufactured in China. The same basic styles were presented over and over under different brand names.
Yes, sure, some appeared to be better quality than others and some manufacturers offered better warranties than others but all of the Insoles just did not have that look of high quality.
Then finally, we found what we were looking for, something of high quality that could be offered at a fair price and was backed by a reputable manufacturer. We wanted a brand that was worthy enough for us to proudly promote and market. The Brand we found is Pedag.
Pedag is manufactured in Germany and is made from all natural materials. With vegetable tanned leather, the Orthotics offer great comfort with an elegant design. The focus is on Orthotic Arch Support so the Insoles are not layered with cushioning foam products but rather designed ultra thin so they fit comfortably in almost any shoe or boot.
And one of the nicest features is that almost all of their products include a metatarsal pad to prevent and offer relief from forefoot pain. These Orthotics provide support and comfort for both the longitudinal arch and the latitudinal arch.
Anyone who follows our post knows we are fans of Spenco because of their quality and strong guarantee but I can honestly report that the Pedag Orthotic Insole products are the best quality products that we offer. Considering the quality of materials and very durable design, the Pedag Insoles are dollar for dollar the best value on the market.
Visit The Insole Store today and see for yourself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orthotics - The Wonder Fix

Over 80% of us either have or will have some sort of foot problem over the next year. Some of us may never feel any foot pain while others will have such debilitating pain that they dread walking. Many times, a foot problem is not felt in the foot but rather in our joints, such as ankles, knees, hips or back.
That old song, "...the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone..." holds more truth than we realize. If our foundation is out of whack, that is, if our feet fail to function as they should, something is going to try and compensate.
Most arch pain can be attributed to over-pronation. Over-pronation is a condition whereby the foot turns inward at the ankle causing us to walk on the outside of our heels. This puts strain on our foot arch which causes it to collapse.
Orthotic Arch Support Insoles can correct over-pronation by supporting the arch, helping to properly align the foot and give stability.
For detailed information on a wide variety of quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are you suffering with Arch Pain?

Do you have inflammation or a burning sensation in the heel of your foot? Is it constant or does it come and go? Is it worse in the morning when you first rise? Does the degree of discomfort lessen after you have been up and around for a while?
If you answered yes to the these questions, you are probably suffering from a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.

The Plantar Fascia is a band of tissue that runs from the heel to the forefoot along the bottom of the foot. When this tissue is stretched, it can tear away from the heel. This is usually due to a flattening of the arch that is caused by excessive pronation.

Over-pronation is an inward rolling of the foot at the ankle. This causes the outside of the heel to strike first when walking or running. Another symptom is that three is little to no arch - that is, it is flat.

Mild arch pain is easily treated. Avoid wearing high heels or shoes that do not provide a stable support for the heel, arch and forefoot. Correct over-pronation by providing arch support and cushioning to absorb shock.

Orthotic Arch Support Insoles help to correct over-pronation and will prevent or treat heel pain. By supporting the arch, balance, stability and alignment can be restored and maintained.

Some top brand names available at reasonable prices in Spenco, Superfeet, Sof Sole, Pedag and Sole to name a few. For detailed information on these brands and styles plus other fine quality foot care products, visit The Insole Store today!

Friday, October 15, 2010

ACHILLES TENDONITIS - Prevention & Treatment

The calf muscle is attached to the heel bone by one of the strongest tendons in the body, the Achilles Tendon. The Achilles Tendon works very hard as we step, run or participate in strenuous activities such as is required in most athletic activities.

When this tendon is overworked, it can become sore, swollen and inflamed. This soreness can escalate to where the condition continues constantly. Achilles Tendonitis can be related to continued activities that place unusual stress on the Achilles Tendon. Activities such as walking, running, hiking or participation in sporting activities before the tendon can adapt to develop a tolerance through the development of strength, endurance and flexibility can lead to Achilles Tendonitis.

The injury is common among runners/joggers and people who participate in other sporting activities; especially, those that require running such as tennis and basketball. Achilles Tendonitis also frequently affects women who regularly wear high heel schools and then switch to flats. The Achilles is not used to the additional stretch and becomes inflamed.

Soreness can occur at any point in the tendon but usually occurs at the point where the tendon connects to the heel bone. Shoes that rub on the back of the heel can irritate the tendon. A callus can develop on the back of the heel from this irritation, a condition referred to as heel bump or pump bump. Then, the only means of relief is to remove the source of the irritation, the shoes.

Achilles Tendonitis is easily treated. Wear shoes that fit properly so that they do not have too much motion with each step. Also rest, ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation, and if necessary, elevate the effected area to help reduce swelling. If the condition is painful, over the counter medication such as ibuprofen can be taken. People who are a high risk due to their activities should be sure to stretch adequately before performing athletic activities.

Achilles Tendonitis can be a serious condition and should be treated immediately. Prolonged and unattended to inflammation can bring on a chronic problem and allow scar tissue to develop which will decrease flexibility and increase the chance of a tear or rupture.Wearing good quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles with a deep heel cup may eliminate some of the excessive motion which irritates the heel and tendon.

Several brands of Orthotic Insoles are available at reasonable prices. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s reputation, length and type of guarantee, the number and type of styles available and if the Insoles are accepted by Podiatrist and other foot care specialists.

Spenco brand Insoles all carry a one year unconditional guarantee, have received the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, and are available in a large selection of styles and sizes.

For detailed information on Spenco Insoles and Orthotic Arch Supports, visit The Insole Store today!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flat Feet - What Can Be Done About It?

“Flatfoot” (also known as pes planus) is a condition where the foot lacks an
arch on the inside. It is a very common condition as almost all children start out with little or no arch. Most kids eventually develop a normal arch; however, often people grow to maturity without the development of a normal arch.

Having feet with little or no arch causes the foot to over-pronate (bending of the foot) that frequently leads to severe discomfort; including, shin splints, inflammation of the heel and pain at the bottom of the foot. While it is not necessary to have an arch to walk, run or live normally, it is very common for people with little or no arch to have pain and discomfort that can lead to more serious problems. Since your feet are your foundation,foot problems can cause pain throughout the body. Over-Pronation, Over-Supination, or flattening of the arches is a major contributor to foot pain, knee pain, back pain and other spinal maladies.

Treatment and Prevention
When a confirmed flatfoot condition exists, a good orthotic arch support is recommended to relieve stress on the foot, tendons and heel areas. This is especially true for overweight or athletically active people. Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports can relieve and/or prevent ailments associated with flat feet by providing proper support to alleviate over-pronation. Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports help to correctly align, balance and stabilize the entire foot to help prevent pronation and supination.

Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports were awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association and carry a one year unconditional guarantee.

For more details about Spenco Insoles or other fine quality footcare products, visit The Insole Store.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Get Relief From Foot Pain With Spenco Orthotic Insoles

Anyone who has experienced the pain of Plantar Fasciitis knows how excruciating it can be. People suffering from foot or joint pain can relate to the discomfort with just taking a few steps. Foot pain affects everything you do but relief can be a simple solution away.

Spenco Medical Corp manufactures a full line of foot care products and was founded by Dr. Wayne Spence over 43 years ago. Spenco Insoles and Orthotic Arch Supports can keep you pain free and are used by athletes and runners all over the world as well as everyday people doing everyday activities.
The health of your body depends on proper foot function and alignment. Your feet are your foundation. If the arch of your foot fails to function correctly, your foot will tend to over-pronate - that is, turn inward as you step. This can result in foot pain or pain in your ankles, knees, hips or back. When the foot is out of alignment, the body tries to compensate. This can cause all of the joints to become misaligned as each tries to compensate for the other.

The most popular of the products by Spenco are the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles for superior cushioning and the Polysorb Total Support Insoles which provide both extra support and cushioning. Spenco Insoles are recommended by Podiatrist, foot care specialists and athletic trainers more than any other brand.

The Spenco Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are all based on their exclusive 3 POD cushioning system. This cushioning system effectively absorbs shock and prevents the pain that can come from Plantar Fasciitis. Another advantage of Spenco Insoles is that they can be heat molded for a custom fit inside your shoe. They also include an antimicrobial, friction resistant top cloth made with Cool Dry Technology which will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

For more details about the full Spenco line of Insoles and Orthotic Arch Supports or other fine quality foot care products, visit The Insole Store today!