Sunday, August 1, 2010

BUNIONS - Diagnosis & Treatment

A Bunion is a distortion of the big toe that forms at the base causing the big toe to push at an inward angle against the other toes. The deformity is usually painful as it creates pressure on the joint.
The deformity begins as an abnormal bulge on the inside of the base of the big toe. The area may swell, redden and become tender.  The skin at the base of the big toe may thicken, forming a corn or callus due to lack of mobility. A Bunion is usually not debilitating but it does hamper walking, running, jumping and other like physical activities.
A Bunion can form for many reasons. The primary causes are either the trait is inherited, or improper foot wear - most likely shoes that are too tight, or misaligned feet resulting in over-pronation and a flawed foot and arch function. Of course, Bunions can be caused by other disorders such as arthritis, foot injury, or other such maladies. People who walk or stand for long periods are more susceptible. Waiters, nurses, athletes, assembly line workers are all examples of people who are required to stand or walk for long periods.
Bunions are best treated during the early stages of development. Treatment can include wearing comfortable shoes, taking mild medication such as ibuprofen to decrease inflammation and the wearing of a good quality Cushioning Insole or Orthotic Arch Support Insole. Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases but is rare and not recommended unless the Bunion causes unbearable pain and is debilitating.
Even with Bunion removal through surgery, it may form again if the root cause is not eliminated. Several brands of Cushioning Insoles and Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are available at reasonable prices.
The Spenco Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are clinically designed and doctor recommended. These Support Insoles are available in full and 3/4 length and are Podiatric Medical Association approved. The Sof Sole Graphite Performance Insoles and Custom Insoles are proven effective in offering Orthotic Arch Support to correct foot imbalance and over-pronation. Another recommended brand is the Superfeet Premium Insoles that come in a variety of styles to meet the user’s needs, depending on the types of shoe style and activities.
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