Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Products

At TheInsoleStore, we do not sell any ole product just because it has good name recognition or it is cheap or we can make a great profit from it. We prefer to thoroughly research prospective products for quality, durability, effectiveness in offering prevention and relief from foot disorders, and to be sure the foot care products are backed by a good company that stands behind the guarantee/warranty.
It makes good business sense to offer only high quality products that will make our customers happy. Afterall, a satisfied customer comes back to buy more and refers us to friends and family.

We have closely inspected several brands lately as we move to expand our products. Most brands we inspected are not very impressive despite the fact that almost all have good brand name recognition. The problem as we saw it, was that almost all Insoles and Orthotics are manufactured in China. The same basic styles were presented over and over under different brand names.
Yes, sure, some appeared to be better quality than others and some manufacturers offered better warranties than others but all of the Insoles just did not have that look of high quality.
Then finally, we found what we were looking for, something of high quality that could be offered at a fair price and was backed by a reputable manufacturer. We wanted a brand that was worthy enough for us to proudly promote and market. The Brand we found is Pedag.
Pedag is manufactured in Germany and is made from all natural materials. With vegetable tanned leather, the Orthotics offer great comfort with an elegant design. The focus is on Orthotic Arch Support so the Insoles are not layered with cushioning foam products but rather designed ultra thin so they fit comfortably in almost any shoe or boot.
And one of the nicest features is that almost all of their products include a metatarsal pad to prevent and offer relief from forefoot pain. These Orthotics provide support and comfort for both the longitudinal arch and the latitudinal arch.
Anyone who follows our post knows we are fans of Spenco because of their quality and strong guarantee but I can honestly report that the Pedag Orthotic Insole products are the best quality products that we offer. Considering the quality of materials and very durable design, the Pedag Insoles are dollar for dollar the best value on the market.
Visit The Insole Store today and see for yourself.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orthotics - The Wonder Fix

Over 80% of us either have or will have some sort of foot problem over the next year. Some of us may never feel any foot pain while others will have such debilitating pain that they dread walking. Many times, a foot problem is not felt in the foot but rather in our joints, such as ankles, knees, hips or back.
That old song, "...the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the hip bone..." holds more truth than we realize. If our foundation is out of whack, that is, if our feet fail to function as they should, something is going to try and compensate.
Most arch pain can be attributed to over-pronation. Over-pronation is a condition whereby the foot turns inward at the ankle causing us to walk on the outside of our heels. This puts strain on our foot arch which causes it to collapse.
Orthotic Arch Support Insoles can correct over-pronation by supporting the arch, helping to properly align the foot and give stability.
For detailed information on a wide variety of quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are you suffering with Arch Pain?

Do you have inflammation or a burning sensation in the heel of your foot? Is it constant or does it come and go? Is it worse in the morning when you first rise? Does the degree of discomfort lessen after you have been up and around for a while?
If you answered yes to the these questions, you are probably suffering from a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.

The Plantar Fascia is a band of tissue that runs from the heel to the forefoot along the bottom of the foot. When this tissue is stretched, it can tear away from the heel. This is usually due to a flattening of the arch that is caused by excessive pronation.

Over-pronation is an inward rolling of the foot at the ankle. This causes the outside of the heel to strike first when walking or running. Another symptom is that three is little to no arch - that is, it is flat.

Mild arch pain is easily treated. Avoid wearing high heels or shoes that do not provide a stable support for the heel, arch and forefoot. Correct over-pronation by providing arch support and cushioning to absorb shock.

Orthotic Arch Support Insoles help to correct over-pronation and will prevent or treat heel pain. By supporting the arch, balance, stability and alignment can be restored and maintained.

Some top brand names available at reasonable prices in Spenco, Superfeet, Sof Sole, Pedag and Sole to name a few. For detailed information on these brands and styles plus other fine quality foot care products, visit The Insole Store today!

Friday, October 15, 2010

ACHILLES TENDONITIS - Prevention & Treatment

The calf muscle is attached to the heel bone by one of the strongest tendons in the body, the Achilles Tendon. The Achilles Tendon works very hard as we step, run or participate in strenuous activities such as is required in most athletic activities.

When this tendon is overworked, it can become sore, swollen and inflamed. This soreness can escalate to where the condition continues constantly. Achilles Tendonitis can be related to continued activities that place unusual stress on the Achilles Tendon. Activities such as walking, running, hiking or participation in sporting activities before the tendon can adapt to develop a tolerance through the development of strength, endurance and flexibility can lead to Achilles Tendonitis.

The injury is common among runners/joggers and people who participate in other sporting activities; especially, those that require running such as tennis and basketball. Achilles Tendonitis also frequently affects women who regularly wear high heel schools and then switch to flats. The Achilles is not used to the additional stretch and becomes inflamed.

Soreness can occur at any point in the tendon but usually occurs at the point where the tendon connects to the heel bone. Shoes that rub on the back of the heel can irritate the tendon. A callus can develop on the back of the heel from this irritation, a condition referred to as heel bump or pump bump. Then, the only means of relief is to remove the source of the irritation, the shoes.

Achilles Tendonitis is easily treated. Wear shoes that fit properly so that they do not have too much motion with each step. Also rest, ice packs to reduce swelling and inflammation, and if necessary, elevate the effected area to help reduce swelling. If the condition is painful, over the counter medication such as ibuprofen can be taken. People who are a high risk due to their activities should be sure to stretch adequately before performing athletic activities.

Achilles Tendonitis can be a serious condition and should be treated immediately. Prolonged and unattended to inflammation can bring on a chronic problem and allow scar tissue to develop which will decrease flexibility and increase the chance of a tear or rupture.Wearing good quality Orthotic Arch Support Insoles with a deep heel cup may eliminate some of the excessive motion which irritates the heel and tendon.

Several brands of Orthotic Insoles are available at reasonable prices. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s reputation, length and type of guarantee, the number and type of styles available and if the Insoles are accepted by Podiatrist and other foot care specialists.

Spenco brand Insoles all carry a one year unconditional guarantee, have received the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, and are available in a large selection of styles and sizes.

For detailed information on Spenco Insoles and Orthotic Arch Supports, visit The Insole Store today!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flat Feet - What Can Be Done About It?

“Flatfoot” (also known as pes planus) is a condition where the foot lacks an
arch on the inside. It is a very common condition as almost all children start out with little or no arch. Most kids eventually develop a normal arch; however, often people grow to maturity without the development of a normal arch.

Having feet with little or no arch causes the foot to over-pronate (bending of the foot) that frequently leads to severe discomfort; including, shin splints, inflammation of the heel and pain at the bottom of the foot. While it is not necessary to have an arch to walk, run or live normally, it is very common for people with little or no arch to have pain and discomfort that can lead to more serious problems. Since your feet are your foundation,foot problems can cause pain throughout the body. Over-Pronation, Over-Supination, or flattening of the arches is a major contributor to foot pain, knee pain, back pain and other spinal maladies.

Treatment and Prevention
When a confirmed flatfoot condition exists, a good orthotic arch support is recommended to relieve stress on the foot, tendons and heel areas. This is especially true for overweight or athletically active people. Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports can relieve and/or prevent ailments associated with flat feet by providing proper support to alleviate over-pronation. Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports help to correctly align, balance and stabilize the entire foot to help prevent pronation and supination.

Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports were awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association and carry a one year unconditional guarantee.

For more details about Spenco Insoles or other fine quality footcare products, visit The Insole Store.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Get Relief From Foot Pain With Spenco Orthotic Insoles

Anyone who has experienced the pain of Plantar Fasciitis knows how excruciating it can be. People suffering from foot or joint pain can relate to the discomfort with just taking a few steps. Foot pain affects everything you do but relief can be a simple solution away.

Spenco Medical Corp manufactures a full line of foot care products and was founded by Dr. Wayne Spence over 43 years ago. Spenco Insoles and Orthotic Arch Supports can keep you pain free and are used by athletes and runners all over the world as well as everyday people doing everyday activities.
The health of your body depends on proper foot function and alignment. Your feet are your foundation. If the arch of your foot fails to function correctly, your foot will tend to over-pronate - that is, turn inward as you step. This can result in foot pain or pain in your ankles, knees, hips or back. When the foot is out of alignment, the body tries to compensate. This can cause all of the joints to become misaligned as each tries to compensate for the other.

The most popular of the products by Spenco are the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles for superior cushioning and the Polysorb Total Support Insoles which provide both extra support and cushioning. Spenco Insoles are recommended by Podiatrist, foot care specialists and athletic trainers more than any other brand.

The Spenco Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are all based on their exclusive 3 POD cushioning system. This cushioning system effectively absorbs shock and prevents the pain that can come from Plantar Fasciitis. Another advantage of Spenco Insoles is that they can be heat molded for a custom fit inside your shoe. They also include an antimicrobial, friction resistant top cloth made with Cool Dry Technology which will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

For more details about the full Spenco line of Insoles and Orthotic Arch Supports or other fine quality foot care products, visit The Insole Store today!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Superfeet - The Ideal Arch Support Insoles For Any Foot

When it comes to finding the perfect arch support insoles, look no further than Superfeet. With styles unique for each purpose, Superfeet offers the arch support, cushioning and comfort regardless of your foot style or shoe type.

These trim-to-fit insoles all feature the Encapsulating Stabilizer System (ESS) to provide better support for your feet, as well as Agion antimicrobial technology treated top covers. All Superfeet Premium Insoles also feature their patented stabilizer cap that provides optimal support for the foot. This cap, combined with the full-length foam design creates an improved shock absorbing insole.

Whether you have high arches, low arches, want to use them in your athletic shoes or work shoes, Superfeet has the right support for you. Pick your color and start realizing the comfort level available despite being on your feet all day.

As with most insoles, the best fit comes when you are able to remove the stock insole before inserting the Superfeet Premium Insoles. Find your color and start enjoying the comfort of Superfeet Premium Insoles.

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles

Green means go, and the Superfeet Green Premium Insoles allow you to go all day long with maximum support. Providing the most stability, shock absorption and support, the Green insoles help reduce over-pronation while stabilizing the mid-foot.

Ideal for people with medium to high arches, the Green is the most aggressive support insole and is ideal for walking and running shoes, as well as hiking and work boots and even for skiing and snowboarding.

Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

The most versatile Superfeet Insoles, Blue is designed to fit in tight fitting and lower volume shoes. With an arch shape that will accommodate just about any foot type, Blue Premium Insoles still provide excellent comfort and control thanks to the moderately deep heel cup.

Best for low and medium arches, the Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles provide cushioning support for those who cannot bear the maximum arch support provided by Green. Can be used with athletic footwear as well as most dress and casual shoes.

Superfeet Black Premium Insoles

When it comes to those tight fitting shoes, Black is the way to go. Designed for sensitive feet that will complain with too much arch support, the Superfeet Black Premium Insoles are perfect for those with flat feet that need cushioning support in their casual footwear.

With it’s thin design and light-weight construction, Black is the perfect cushioning support for all arch types, particularly low arches, and will fit in most casual and dress shoes, as well as athletic shoes such as for golfing and mountain biking.

Superfeet Berry Premium Insoles

Specifically designed for women, Superfeet’s Berry Premium Insoles take into account the unique biomechanical structure of a woman’s body in order to create the ideal cushioning support insole.

Perfect for women with medium to high arches, Berry will work in any athletic shoe, as well as more durable industrial styles. Berry Premium Insoles add extra shock absorption and provide optimal comfort while walking, running and when you are standing all day.

Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles

Not to be outdone by the women, Superfeet Orange Premium Insoles are designed specifically for men with medium to high arches. Like Berry, Orange is designed to offer exceptional shock absorption while running, walking and standing for extended periods of time.

Also like Berry, Orange has an improved full forefoot shock panel and is made with a full-length foam that contours to the foot and has excellent rebounding qualities. Orange Premium Insoles work well with all types of athletic shoes, as well as the workhorse industrial footwear.

Regardless of your foot type, shoe choice or comfort needs, Superfeet has you covered. Pick your color and start enjoying your new-found comfort. Your feet will thank you.

For detailed information or to purchase Superfeet Premium Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Children’s Insoles Can Influence Your Child’s Life Forever!

When children begin walking, they tend to be unsteady on their feet and may even prefer to walk on their toes when learning to walk. Have you noticed this in your child? This is because of one simple reason: young children are born with flat feet. As they grow older, most children begin to develop the foot arch.

For a child, this is a very important process since it helps increase stability, reduce pain and remove a host of other issues involved with having flat feet. But what happens when your child’s feet do not develop an arch? What do you do then?

There is a solution available for your child to overcome this difficulty and live a pain-less and stress-free life. Arch Support Insoles, even for children, have been proven to gently help development and promote proper foot function. During their critical growth stage, the muscles in a child’s foot strain to keep up with the high level of activity.

What can children’s insoles do to help your child overcome this strain? In one word: Lots! Children’s Insoles not only enhance the development of the arch naturally but also offer ease and comfort while they’re at it.

Think about it: Wouldn’t you want your child to be as comfortable doing what he or she loves best? Be it walking your dog, playing football, going on a hike with you, heading for a long evening of Christmas shopping or simply playing fort in the backyard: do you really want even the least bit of discomfort for your child? Of course not, right?

Arch Angels Children’s Insoles are designed by a Pediatric Podiatrist especially for a child’s growing feet. These insoles cater to gentle long-term growth and development of the arch. And the Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles are a favorite with most parents whose kids have flat feet.
Arch Angels Insoles are constructed of non-toxic, durable materials and use a triple layer design to provide superior cushioning and gently support for arch development.

With the right insoles, your children will love their shoes and will wear them all day long, thereby increasing their chances of developing an arch naturally. Perfect for you, perfect for them, right?
With Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles, your child can play longer, walk farther, run harder and enjoy being a kid because their feet now have the support they need for development.
If you’re looking for children’s insoles, you should opt for a brand that is proven and designed specifically for children. They’re quite, quite remarkable and very child-friendly, which makes them ideal for your child!

For more information regarding Arch Angels Children’s Insoles and other fine quality foot care products, visit The Insole Store today!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orthotics - What Do I Want?

The term Foot Orthotic actually means any device that is used as a replacement Insole for the purposes of providing arch support and or cushioning to absorb shock. It does not have to be a firm arch support or a special custom made composite. And the support should not be only for the arch, just as cushioning should not only be for the heel.

Some of us want a foot care product that is designed to focus on arch support and offers little cushioning. Some of us want an Insole that focuses on cushioning and offers only moderate arch support. And some of us want an Insole that can do both, offer orthotic arch support and cushioning all in one.

It can depend on your activity and it most definitely depends on your foot type. Certain activities require certain foot wear. Foot wear that is tight fitting my require an Insole that is designed for tight fitting shoes. Athletes may want an Insole that concentrates on cushioning while people who stand or walk for long periods may want something that focuses on arch support.

Several brands of good quality Orthotic Insoles are available in the market place. When this selection of brands is scrutinized with certain criteria, most fall by the wayside. Factors such as the reputation of the manufacturer, length of time the manufacturer has been in business and more importantly, how long have they been manufacturing Orthotics. Additionally, the type and length of the guarantee offered should be considered and does the model have a track record of performance. In other words, is it doctor recommended, is it accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association?

The number of styles offered is important because everyone’s foot is different. Two people with the same size and shape foot that are experiencing identical foot problems may or may not find relief in the same Orthotic product. Finally, price should play a factor. While, we can argue that the $9.99 Insoles is more than likely not going to include all the benefits that a $50 style might, we can argue that a $30 Orthotic Insole can have the same or better benefits than a $50 product.
For detailed information of several brands and styles of Orthotic Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Choosing The Correct Orthotic

In today’s marketplace there are a wide variety of orthotic arch supports available for consumers to choose from. Although they all claim to offer relief from the discomfort and pain caused by a misaligned or imbalanced foot, it is important to make sure the correct orthotic arch support is selected for your particular foot shape and particular foot ailment.

Buying the wrong orthotic arch support insole might actually cause more harm than good. So, how do you choose the correct orthotic arch supports? In most cases, the fit and comfort of the orthotic - basically, how it feels - is usually the best test. However, consumers should consider that it is normal in some cases for a “break-in” period to allow for the foot to get used to the new positioning resulting from the use of the orthotic arch supports

This can sometimes be a trial-and-error process, but ultimately it is important for you to know your need and how it feels when your foot is functioning properly. Whether you have high arches, low arches, or somewhere in between, comfort and function is what it comes down to.

There are a multitude of combinations of arch support and cushioning in orthotic arch supports. As such, it is important for you to know your foot type in order to choose the correct arch support.

Some orthotics are firm, sometimes called rigid, while the other extreme is an orthotic that is more flexible and soft. If you suffer from flat feet or more flexibility in your feet, it is usually important to have an orthotic arch support that is more rigid in order to prevent over-pronation. If you are not sure if you have over-pronation, understand that a person with a foot that tends to over-pronate will usually have a degree of “knock-knees.” This is the most common problem with the foot, and results in a decrease in balance as well as pain and discomfort in the ankle, knee, hip and possibly low back.

Other issues that can develop from over-pronation include plantar fasciitis, shin splints and achilles tendinitis. Proper orthotic arch supports can eliminate and prevent these conditions by bringing the foot back into proper alignment and balance.

On the other extreme, high arches usually result in someone with inflexibility in their feet. This usually calls for orthotic arch supports that do not really support so much as they provide more cushioning as opposed to support. The result of high arches is that the feet do not flex and move properly. This causes more pressure and tension in certain areas of the foot during the landing phase. This excess stress can result in injury to the knees and ankles, including achilles tendinitis, iliotibial band syndrome as well as plantar fasciitis.

Ultimately, someone with high arches does not have the ability to absorb the normal shock of walking. A more cushioned orthotic, likely a arch cushion instead of a firm arch support, will ease the stress and strain of everyday walking and help minimize the damage caused by high arches.

Whether you have low arches, high arches, or are somewhere in between, wearing the proper orthotic arch support insoles can help prevent aches and pains from walking and standing, and can also minimize the opportunity to develop more debilitating injuries.

Understand how your foot functions as well as what kind of arches your feet have is the simplest way to determine the proper orthotic arch supports you may need. If you are still unsure, it is best to consult with an expert who can guide you to the proper product that will give you the best results.

For detailed product information on the various types of orthotic arch supports, arch cushions and cushion insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Spenco Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful swelling in the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. The condition results from a strain or tear of the plantar fascia tendon. This tendon runs along the length of the foot from the heel to the toes. Pain is usually felt in the heel area, feeling like a bone spur, and is worse in the morning or after exertion such as walking for long periods.
Plantar Fasciitis is caused by several factors but the most frequent factor is incorrect functioning of the foot arch resulting from over-pronation or over-supination. Pronation, an inward turning of the foot at the ankle causes an imbalance in the feet. This imbalance results in undue strain on the ankles, knees, hips, back and of course, the feet.
Treatment includes rest, ice packs and mild medication such as ibuprofen to reduce swelling and inflammation, refrain from activities that can cause strain on the plantar fascia tendon and correcting the foot imbalance by properly supporting the arch to prevent over-pronation.
Several brands of good quality Orthotic Arch Supports are available at a reasonable price. However, in selecting the Orthotic, look for key factors including, manufacturer’s reputation, type and length of guarantee, where and who designed the Insole, the number of products offered under the same brand to allow for selection of the exact product for your exact need, and quality/durability of the Orthotic Arch Support Insoles.
Spenco Medical offers a large selection of products to choose from. All Spenco Insoles carry a one year unconditional guarantee and are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Additionally, Spenco Orthotic Insoles are all clinically designed and recommended by Podiatrist and foot care specialists more than any other brand.
The Orthotic Arch Supports are offered in full and 3/4 length with a firm arch support in a regular thickness and Thinsole Orthotic. They also offer a soft arch support with the Arch Cushion Insoles that are also offered in full and 3/4 length. The primary difference between the full and 3/4 length is that the 3/4 allows more toe room.
Both the regular Orthotic Arch Supports and Thinsoles Orthotic Arch Supports are made from high quality materials that were created to support and cushion the foot, plus provide the stability to hold the foot in the proper position. These work best in shoes with removable liners. The regular orthotic supports are made to be worn with athletic and casual wear shoes, while the thin orthotics are designed to be worn with dress, narrow or tight fitting shoes.
Spenco Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are proven to offer prevention and relief for Plantars Fasciitis. Why wait any longer for relief? Begin a treatment routine as outlined above and try a pair of Spenco Orthotic Arch Support Insoles. Feel the difference today!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calluses - Diagnosis and Treatment

Callouses form as a result of friction causing an area of the skin to thicken to protect itself. Calluses can be painful but usually are not; however, they can cause discomfort depending on size and location. Treatment becomes necessary when the thickened skin is painful.

Callus frequently appear on the feet, the hands, and other parts of the body that is susceptible to stress caused by friction. Foot calluses most often appear on the heel, sole of the foot and the toe area. These areas endure most of the stress from routine daily activities such as standing and walking.

The most common cause of calluses is poor fitting shoes. Additionally, foot arches that do not function properly are highly susceptible to calluses. People with flat feet or high arches are prone to calluses as their feet disproportionately distribute weight as they stand, walk or run.
Although very common, it is not recommended that Calluses should be trimmed with the use of a knife or razor. This especially applies to diabetics as it could lead to more serious complications, including infections.

Routinely, Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are recommended to correct foot imbalance. The Orthotics help to align the feet to help evenly distribute weight distribution. Insoles that absorb shock as well as offer arch support are best as they help to take pressure off the effected areas. Women should refrain from wearing high heels.

Several brands of fine quality Orthotic Arch Supports are available at reasonable prices. Superfeet offers an Orthotic Arch Support made especially for high heels, the EZ Fit Arch Supports for High Heels.

Spenco offers a wide variety of Orthotic Arch Support Insoles from Regular Orthotics with a firm arch support in full or 3/4 length to a soft arch support Insole intended for people who have high arches and need arch cushioning instead of a firm arch support.

Sof Sole offers the Graphite Performance Insoles and the Custom Performance Insoles, both offering different but effective solutions for Orthotic Arch Support Insoles with cushioning and anti-friction top cloths.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

BUNIONS - Diagnosis & Treatment

A Bunion is a distortion of the big toe that forms at the base causing the big toe to push at an inward angle against the other toes. The deformity is usually painful as it creates pressure on the joint.
The deformity begins as an abnormal bulge on the inside of the base of the big toe. The area may swell, redden and become tender.  The skin at the base of the big toe may thicken, forming a corn or callus due to lack of mobility. A Bunion is usually not debilitating but it does hamper walking, running, jumping and other like physical activities.
A Bunion can form for many reasons. The primary causes are either the trait is inherited, or improper foot wear - most likely shoes that are too tight, or misaligned feet resulting in over-pronation and a flawed foot and arch function. Of course, Bunions can be caused by other disorders such as arthritis, foot injury, or other such maladies. People who walk or stand for long periods are more susceptible. Waiters, nurses, athletes, assembly line workers are all examples of people who are required to stand or walk for long periods.
Bunions are best treated during the early stages of development. Treatment can include wearing comfortable shoes, taking mild medication such as ibuprofen to decrease inflammation and the wearing of a good quality Cushioning Insole or Orthotic Arch Support Insole. Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases but is rare and not recommended unless the Bunion causes unbearable pain and is debilitating.
Even with Bunion removal through surgery, it may form again if the root cause is not eliminated. Several brands of Cushioning Insoles and Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are available at reasonable prices.
The Spenco Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are clinically designed and doctor recommended. These Support Insoles are available in full and 3/4 length and are Podiatric Medical Association approved. The Sof Sole Graphite Performance Insoles and Custom Insoles are proven effective in offering Orthotic Arch Support to correct foot imbalance and over-pronation. Another recommended brand is the Superfeet Premium Insoles that come in a variety of styles to meet the user’s needs, depending on the types of shoe style and activities.
For detailed information on Spenco, Sof Sole, Superfeet or other fine quality foot care products, visit The Insole Store today!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Can Benefit From Insoles?

Who can benefit from Insoles? Well, the answer is everyone. There are several styles and brands available for men, women and kids on the market today. And while some are better than others, there are still several high quality brands to be had at a relatively low cost. No matter what your lifestyle is, no matter what your job demands are and no matter how much of a weekend warrior you are, comfort, support and relief is a replacement Insole away. Cushioning Insoles and firm Orthotic Arch Supports will help stabilize feet, maintain proper alignment and correct over-pronation and over-supination.
Kids are about as active as anyone can be. The running, jumping, and playing puts constant stress on the feet and joints. Spenco Kids Polysorb Premium Insoles and the Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles are two of the many options available to help absorb shock and prevent injuries to small, growing feet.
For men, the options are vast and affordable. Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports are extremely popular and are the most doctor recommended arch supports sold today. This Firm Arch Support Insole provides support to correct and maintain proper foot positioning coupled with cushioning and topped with a friction resistant, anti-microbial top cloth. that helps to prevent blisters and control odor.
For men who are on their feet all day or would rather an Insole that is designed to offer cushioning over arch support, the Spenco Polysorb line is for you. The Polysorb Cross Trainer, newly designed Polysorb Walker Runner Insoles, the Gel Insoles, the newly introduced Gel Total Support Insoles if you want the cushioning magic of gel along with arch support, a metatarsal support and extra forefoot cushioning. And finally, the best selling of all Spenco Insoles is the Polysorb Total Support Insoles that give the ultimate in cushioning comfort with superior arch support, a metatarsal pad and outstanding forefoot cushioning at a very reasonable price.
Of course, many other brands and styles are available such as the Sof Sole Athlete for top notch cushioning, the Sof Sole Arch for a combination of cushioning and moderate arch support, the top selling Sof Sole Graphite Performance Insoles that have 3 layers of unbelievable cushioning, andgraphite arch support. The new Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles are bouncing off the shelves so fast, they create a whirlwind in stores everywhere. This new Insole is spectacular in providing all day cushioning comfort. They literally make you think you are dancing on a cloud.
Women can use any of the above products but they may be best served by selecting something made exclusively for them. Clinically designed, doctor recommended Spenco For Her products take into consideration the unique hip angle of women and turn out a product that works for them. The newly re-designed Total Support Insoles for women features deep heel cupping, arch support, a metatarsal pad and energy returning forefoot cushioning. The Spenco For Her Cushioning replacement Insoles with Q Factor are a favorite and offer cushioning comfort with moderate arch support.
And, just about all of the Sof Sole products are manufactured with separate designs for men and women instead of simply offering a smaller men’s size for women.
Of course, for people who wish to add extra cushioning in the heel or forefoot only, the Heel Cushions are available in regular and in Gel. Ball of Foot Cushions are available in Gel and the Apara line of women’s clear silicone gel give cushioning comfort and relief in a thin wafer-like design at a very low price.
For details about any of these fine quality Insoles, visit The Insole Store today!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Which Insoles Best Meet Your Needs?

Now that we have discussed the potential benefits of wearing Insoles, we need to know what style can help us meet our foot care needs. Are we looking for something to absorb shock as we run/jog or stand on hard surfaces? Are we looking for something to correct a foot imbalance to prevent over-pronation/over-supination? What about just trying to make our shoes fit and feel better?

Many people have jobs that causes undue stress on our feet. Waiters who are constantly on their feet, nurses who continuously walk up and down the halls of a hospital, clinic or other medical facility or people working on assembly lines to name just a few. It is no shock to consider that living with feet that ache is no picnic. We would rather concentrate on doing our jobs.

And that is where Insoles come in. Cushioning Insoles are designed to have a primary purpose of absorbing shock. This is why many athletes wear Insoles, it helps them keep that bounce in their step so they can run farther, faster and jump higher throughout an entire workout or game. It is very common for ball clubs to supply Insoles as part of their everyday usual equipment and to no one's surprise, most ball players take advantage of the extra cushioning Insoles provide.

The Insole Store features Cushioning and Sports Insoles from top brand names such as Spenco, Superfeet, Sof Sole and others. So be good to your feet and your feet will be good for the rest of your body. Walk with all day comfort, you deserve it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is the first post for our new blog so it seems fitting that we first discuss some of the many benefits of wearing Insoles and Orthotics.

People use insoles for a few primary reasons - comfort, relief from pain, prevention of foot problems and to help achieve greater performance during athletic activities. While runners/joggers benefit due to greater performance achieved with the wearing of quality insoles, everyday people likewise benefit as prevention and relief from foot pain enables them to enjoy life and perform daily activities better.

Two key benefits are Cushioning and Support. Cushioning provides greater comfort by helping to absorb the shock that makes the feet feel tired and sore. Support helps improve the alignment and balance of the foot. While some insoles offer greater cushioning and others focus more on support, most people benefit from an insole that offers both cushioning and support.

Research has shown which types of insoles are good for the different types of foot arches. And while many people will experiment to see which product works best, there are a few general rules of thumb when it comes to matching insoles with arch types.

Low/Flat Arches are more prone to over-pronation (rolling over) and require something with high support. An arch support with a rigid base is best. Of the many brands and styles available today, there are a few that are of good quality. By good quality, I mean durability, reliability, effective and reasonable in price.

One brand, from a manufacturer that has been making Insoles for over 43 years is Spenco. Spenco Insole products have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports offer rigid arch support and moderate cushioning, come with a one year unconditional guarantee, are doctor designed and clinically tested. Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports are recommended by more Podiatrist and foot care specialist than any other style or brand on the market today.

Medium/Neutral Arches are very uncommon as only approximately 15% of people have neutral arches. Those people benefit from the use of an insole that offers moderate support with a focus on cushioning. The Spenco Polysorb line of Insoles are ideal. The Spenco Polysorb Total Support Insoles offer a combination of cushioning and support while the Cross Trainer Insoles offer slightly more cushioning with slightly less arch support.
High Arches are prone to imbalance and over-flexing which can lead to painful foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis. Because the foot predominantly balances on two pressure points - the ball of the foot and the heel - it is best to use an insole that offers cushioning for the arch rather than one that offers firm arch support. This cushioning allows the arch to relax and allows weight distribution over the whole foot rather then just two points. This more even weight distribution results in better balance. The Spenco Arch Cushions work best as they offer cushioning for the arch along with moderate cushioning for the ball of foot and heel strike areas.

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